Wave is one of the best live wallpapers for Android. With the latest free update to version 3 the bar has again been raised.   This is th...

Wave is one of the best live wallpapers for Android. With the latest free update to version 3 the bar has again been raised. This is the third big update since the release in 05/2012.

Goto-Google paly store.

The core features are:

• smooth animations
• all parameters can be set separately → endless possibilities 
• you can save your own presets and share them with other people
• beautiful factory presets enable you to quickly change the looks of Wave 
• simple import of presets with QR-codes or hyperlinks 
• low battery usage
• online repository and Google+ community for more user presets.

Online reviews:

  • Wave - a sweet Live Wallpaper app for Android (4.8 / 5 Stars) | AndroidTapp.com 
  • A very nice live wallpaper.. Highly customizable, soothing, easy on the battery,.. Nice and unique addition to your phone' | playboard.me
  • crazy beautiful and probably makes your phone 6 times cooler' | androidstatic.com
  • User reviews
  • "Galaxy S2. The best live wallpaper. PERIOD !"| Joe 
  • "Outstanding and stylish. Highly recommended."| Neil 
  • "Just the ticket. I was looking for a ps3 'like' live wallpaper, I tried a few and none of them touch this one, great app." 
  • "10 Stars. Stunningly great LWP. No other wallpaper stayed on for so long on my GS2!! If you are creative you can create hundreds of designs of waves."|Siva 
  • "Magnifique. Très beau fond d ' écran style Xperia , paramétrable à souhait et de haute qualité"  More information
  • Wave homepage: http://www.paperworldcreation.com/wave/ 
  • more presets: http://www.paperworldcreation.com/wave/browse_presets/
  • Google+ community: https://plus.google.com/communities/104100715476332335328
Help & troubleshooting

If you experience any problems or if you have questions please visit:
or send us an email. We cannot adequately reply to comments in the play store.

App Screenshot:

Wave - screenshot thumbnail

Wave - screenshot

Wave - screenshot  Wave - screenshot  Wave - screenshot

What's New
fixed: graphic glitches on some devices.
fixed: space can now be used in preset names
changed: wave speed settings allow slower speeds now.
changed: advertisements in online-browser removed

System Requirements: Android 2.1 and higher 

Make sure your system meets the following minimum requirements before installation:


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