NRG Player + Unlocker

NRG Player Unlocker removes advertising from NRG Player -  Goto- Google paly store Features: ▶ No ads ▶ Uninterrupted music playbac...

NRG Player Unlocker removes advertising from NRG Player - 

Goto-Google paly store

▶ No ads
▶ Uninterrupted music playback
▶ Save traffic
▶ Longer battery life

NRG Player - 
beautiful music player for Android with equalizer, plays songs from folders and customizable user interface.

To use NRG Player Unlocker
0. Login to your device with Gmail account, which you use to buy NRG Player Unlocker.
1. Install NRG Player Unlocker
2. Switch ON the Internet connection
3. Install and run NRG Player - 
4. Don't delete NRG Player Unlocker from your device!

Main features:

• Popular format playback
Listen to music in popular formats: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF, MIDI, AAC, AAC+, 3GP, XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3, MP4, M4A, OTA

• Support lossless formats (FLAC, ALAC, APE and others).
Listen to music in lossless formats, which your default music player couldn’t play before.

• Graphic equalizer with presets
Choose standard equalizer presets (Headphones, Rock, Bass, Classic Music, Club, Concert, Pop, Techno) or create your own equalizer presets

• Sound effects (bass boost, treble boost, preamp)
Get the best sound quality from your headphones using our music player with flexible sound effects.

• Custom interface colors
Change colors depending your mood, weather outside or depending your own style. Express yourself!

• Customizable background
With this feature you'll receive full control on NRG Player UI colors. Change old style gray background to wood, jeans or your favourite picture.

• Cloud service (only for mp3)
Listen to your music from your account or search more music from other user accounts. Store your music at service.

• Unique playlist system
You can select songs in 5 categories: files, songs, albums, artists and cloud. Add them all to playlist in one touch. There are no borders between folders and media library anymore.

• Homescreen widgets
Listen to music from your mobile desktop. You can choose on of three homescreen widgets: 4x1, 4x2, 4x3. Change widget colors depending your homescreen wallpapers!

• Lockscreen widget
Control your music player by one tap. Just turn on the screen!

• Headset support
Support one button and multiple buttons headsets. Leave your device in the pocket!

• Id3 tags editor
You don't need to edit every track if you want to change album or artists title. Just open tag editor in album or artist category. All changes will be applied to tracks automatically.

• Support Android 2.0+
NRG Player - is a music player tablets and for budgets phones.

• Sleep timer
Don’t worry about sleeping with player on. It’s turn off automatically by sleep timer.

• Rating system
Set rating for your music. Listen to only bets songs from your collection

• Support Google Navigator notifications
Listen to your favorite music with Google Navigator. Now you don't have to switch off the player to listen notifications. NRG Player automatically pause music and resume it after a road information message.

• Sony SmartWatch support
Use your Sony SmartWatch device to control NRG Player. Sony SmartWatch app will change their colors according to your NRG Player UI theme.

App Screenshot :

NRG Player Unlocker - screenshot thumbnail  NRG Player Unlocker - screenshot thumbnail  NRG Player Unlocker - screenshot thumbnail

NRG Player Unlocker - screenshot thumbnail  NRG Player Unlocker - screenshot  NRG Player Unlocker - screenshot

What's New
Support Android 4.2

Requires Android : 1.6 and up

NOTE-Make sure your system meets the following minimum requirements before installation:


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