Carolina Reaper CM11 Theme v5.5 Apk

IMPORTANT: Are you having issues with the latest PlayStore V5 force closing with the theme? You need to update your ROM (such as upda...

IMPORTANT: Are you having issues with the latest PlayStore V5 force closing with the theme?
You need to update your ROM (such as updating to CM11 M11) and GAPPS/GoogleServices to the latest versions, that will solve the issue.
After months of development as a special theme version for my beta tester community, this theme has become increasingly popular and is now launched on Google Play. It is the theme of choice for myself as the developer and many of my trusted beta testers.
Originating from FireChili, the highlight and accent color has been changed to an even more vibrant red and key components from the Material UI (Android L) have been integrated into the theme.
It features:
- Animated buttons (checkboxes and radio btns)
- Many Android L based components integrated (adapted to ThyrusHolo visuals)
- New Notification area, drawer and quicksettings
- New spinners
- New Material-based Statusbar and NavBar icons
- New Settings design
- New switches based on Material
- New icons
- New circle avatars
- Android L Bootanimation
- and much more.
Currently themed:
Keyboad (AOSP and Google Play Versions)
Calendar (ASOP and Google Play Versions)
Dialer and Phone
Google Apps
Google Now/Google Search
Google Music
Google DocumentsUI
Google Play Store
Google Mail (Gmail)
IF you get an error -110 or error -24 -> ThemeEngine has issues at the moment with updating themes.
To resolve:
1. Uninstall the theme completely
2. go to /data/data/ and delete the entire directory "release.thyrus.darkuinte"
3. Reboot
4. Reinstall theme.
5. Reboot
And as always - after installing for the first time or receiving updates pushed from market - reboot at your earliest convenience to ensure everything will be themed correctly.

What's New

V5.5 Google Play/Google Keep theme removed due to issues with new versions.
Fixes for Youtube and Gmail
Initial support for the Lollipop Google Now/Search App and drawer
Now that Gmail 5.0 is official I have added more enhancements to it
Fixes for GoogleMusic 5.7
Navbar icons from Android L
Hangouts and Google+ basic theming
Added support for:
- Google Music 5.7
- GMail 5.0
- Google Calendar 5.0
- New Google Messenger for SMS (android.apps.messaging 1.0.041)

Requires Android-4.4 and up


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