TV Off v2.1.21 Patched Apk

---News--- (January 10, 2015) Code Updates, and correction for WakeLock Adding Proscan codes. (November 7, 2014) Reports that LG G3 i...

(January 10, 2015)
Code Updates, and correction for WakeLock
Adding Proscan codes.
(November 7, 2014)
Reports that LG G3 is working (Stock firmware only)
Turn TV's off or on from your IR equipped smartphone.
Now including commands for, Mute, Volume Up/Down, and Channel Up/Down
Over 1200 Codes
Continuous Mode and Stealth Mode Options
Notification area buttons (Option)
Send IR Power commands to TV's (Most TV's use the same command for On and Off)
This small application was inspired by the hardware device "TV-B-Gone" by (Mitch Altman/Cornfield Electronics) and Limor Fried/Ladyada/Adafruit listed here:
TV B Gone is a hardware project that sends IR 'Power' commands to turn off televisions.
TVBG codes only have Power commands, when selected they will only send the Power commands regardless of which command type you have selected.
--- Required! ---
You MUST have the built in IR device for this software to work. (IR Blaster)
Samsung devices with Android 4.4 and higher AND the IR blaster like the S5, S4, S4 Mini, Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy MEGA, will work like it has.
This is working with the HTC One m7 and m8
Also working the the LG G3 (Stock Firmware only)
This will NOT work with the S2, S3, or the Note 2.
Also the clone (or 'fake') Note3 does not work, the IR module is different.
Also, I can not guarantee compatibility with aftermarket ROMS on your device, problems with aftermarket ROMS should be addressed by your ROM creator.
---Next Goal(s)----
Complete repairs for Android 5
---Device Information---
Currently tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab2 tablets, and Samsung S4, and S5 phones, and Note 3 but should work with Samsung devices with android 4.0 and higher that have the built in IR transmitter.
Currently tested with HTC One (m7 & m8)
Currently tested with LG G3 (Stock Firmware)
Incompatible with 'Lucky Patch'
Some users report this app is not compatible if you are using CyanogenMod depending on phone, and version.
I've been told this did NOT work with the 'Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 3' device.
Currently it is not working with LG G2, MOTOROLA, and SONY devices.
This is not working with the LG G2 even with Official Firmware at Android 4.4
This is still not working with Sony or Motorola devices, I don't know if or when I can correct this.
Please let us know if you have any problems before leaving negative feedback. We will try to work out any issues. If your TV does not work with this application, please include the make and model of the television so we can research the correct power command for your device.

-- Permissions --
WakeLock permission so we can send codes if you turn off your display
TransmitIR permission for android devices at 4.4 and above to use the new commands.
CheckLicense permission to help keep people honest. (License check)
Internet permission also to help with license check.
WriteSettings permission to save user options

What's New
January 10, 2015
Added more Proscan codes
Fix a problem with the 'WakeLock' feature
Change Permissions to require ConsumerIR
Fix command length issue with Android 5
Incompatible with 'Lucky Patch'
Fix License Bug

Requires Android-4.1 and up


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