DarkOut CM12 / CM11 Theme v3.1

DarkOut CM12 Version Live now CM11 New Theme Engine only Warning "Paranoid Android" users this theme may not work for you...

CM12 Version Live now
CM11 New Theme Engine only
Warning "Paranoid Android" users this theme may not work for your rom at the moment please don't buy it until PA team fixes

This theme will be compatible with CM12/CM11/AOKP and many other ROMS which supports new theme engine, Will work best with xxhdpi & xhdpi resolution displays
Special Request every one who buys this theme
Please let me know in case u do not like or have any issue with the theme I m listening and trying to improve as much as I can, U can send me email or can write in comment

What's Themed for CM12
System UI
Keyboard Aosp / Google(light and dark both)
Music CM
File Manager CM
Quick Tiles
App store
Total 21 packages and more will be added in the future
What's Themed for CM11
CM11 wont be updated anymore as we are moved to CM12
System UI
Navigation Keys
Quick Tiles
Loading Spinner
What's App
Animated Checkboxes
1000 + icons ( Wont be adding more)
Total of 22 packages

How to apply
After installing the theme please reboot to have all the features applied properly in case u still have issues uninstall and install the theme again
Always make sure you are in the latest Rom / Nightly else u myte have issues
Known Issues
This theme may not apply properly or u myte get issues if u are using it with Xposed , with other DPI etc
You must flash the latest nightly to get best out of the theme and get rid of the errors
For all CM12 and other rom users please make sure u are on or above 30th dated nightly else u will have issue with White on white text in settings

Must re-start the device after applying the theme
If u have any issues with the theme or any icons are not themed please contact me on mail MafiaPaidApps@gmail.com so I can add those icons

If you like my work please rate here and put your comments and suggestions

What's New

Whats new
Themed Google keyboard
Improved Keyboard settings for both to match the theme
Themed Hangout icons to white and improved attachment dialog
Fixed minor text color issue in framework
Warning If u are on Paranoid Android it may not work properly till PA team fixes the issue please don't buy it for now
Please rate here in-case u haven't yet
Thank you

Requires Android-Varies with device


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