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Dashboard Cam - Widget, Compass Map, GPS Data, Remote Controller, External GPS Support NEW: Video overlay recording mode (beta). Ima...

Dashboard Cam - Widget, Compass Map, GPS Data, Remote Controller, External GPS Support
Video overlay recording mode (beta).
Images to single video convert (beta).
Android Wear support.
Remote app operations and gps data view, remote map views with zoom in and out.
Convert recorded images to a single video file.
Located at the MY RECORDS.
1. Convert recorded images to a single video file (.mp4).
2. Android Jelly Bean (SDK 18) or greater is required to use.
3. The record options; image or overlay records, will be used for this option.
4. The Image to Video programming code is based on the android open source Grafika 

* On Top Mode (Always stay on over the other running apps), with this mode, user could record video and gps data while using the other apps; like google navigator, google map, or other apps.
For more Info please visit link for the visual help: 
* User can play and view recorded gps data from web browsers (recommend to use latest Chrome)
1. OBD Mode (Vehicle On Board Diagnostics): Vehicle Speed, RPM, and Engine Temperature
2. Google Map Version 2: Off-line Map and 3D View support
3. Sharing Current GPS Location: Email or other applications
*** OBD Mode: see Help OBD Mode section for more information.
Main Record Modes:
* Video + GPS
* Photo + GPS (Map and Speedo Overlay)
* Widget: GPS
Dashboard Cam allows the users to record video or take photo snaps in full screen camera images along with map compass and GPS speed information, and find out your driving statistics with GPS data recordings. And app could be used as car blackbox purposes.
Dashboard Cam Widget is miniature application view that can be embedded in the Home screen.
With widget, without the opening main application, user can display current GPS Speed and record the GPS data on demand.
While widget app gps recording is running, user could open or use other applications without interrupting the gps service.

Dashboard Cam android application could be controlled from remote android devices with realtime remote camera frame viewing.
Remote control functions might be very useful:
1. When the android device is docked (or, located) at the places where hand controlling is limited.
2. Control the remote dashboard cam application from hard-mounted tablet devices.
3. Control the remote dashboard cam by another person who could not reach the remote device.
Dashboard Cam supports external bluetooth gps.
With external gps, the gps data accuracy will be improved in good rates. And it would be very useful in various situations.
1. Gps signal acquiring will be improved a lot.
2. Useful under the circumstances like forest, downtown city, or similar locations where gps signal is weak or blocked.
3. For the android devices without real gps devices or only with a-gps function, user now could enjoy all the application functions.
Record Player with Overlay Customization
Application includes special player and viewer for the specific purposes for the application.
With player, user could view and play back recored images in animated format in full screen.
With photo + gps data records, user could view or generate map + speed overlaied recordings later on.
For the overlaied recording view, display and record settings are available for customized playback experiences.

What's New

Video overlay recording mode, video with details overlaid.
Convert images to a single video file.
Android Wear support, remote view and operations, map views.
*** GPS Data Web Browser Player: please visit http://www.MafiaPaidApps.com
*** Item Size and Move: Long Press (speedo, time, status, zoom, record button, translucent map), Double Tap (map)

Requires Android-2.3 and up


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