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We love Android's new design, that's a fact. It's colorful, it's bold, and everything is in constant motion. Everyt...

We love Android's new design, that's a fact.
It's colorful, it's bold, and everything is in constant motion.
Everything, but the default wallpapers, wich are boringly static.
We saw the new version of Android coming up, and end up amazed by the new visuals. But something just didn't feel alright: Everything geared towards graphics in motion, yet still, the wallpapers were a dull, oldfashioned, static image.
We thought about all the new principles that will unite all the graphic interfaces of Android, about all the care Google is putting towards making Android an experience with a fancy dynamic vibe, but it's funny to see that the standard wallpapers included with Lollipop are nothing but a motionless bunch of pixels.
We closed ourselves in our studio, and started thinking about bringing the same visuals Material Design shows on every corner of the system to the wallpapers, bringing the beauty of the new apps design to the place where you are going to be greeted everytime you switch or open apps: your homescreen.
So we developed a minimal Live Wallpaper with all Material Design principles in mind, expecting to bring every single android user on the face of earth (ranging all possible resolutions and versions down to Android 2.3) a true Material experience, so the main place where you always get before opening an application, becomes the vivid, live place we all expect on an Android Lollipop powered device. All this powered by a simple engine that only uses power while animating the wallpaper, leaving your juice untouched when everything is still.
This free version of the Stack Material Live Wallpaper includes:
- 4 different wallpaper designs. Inspired by actual system wallpapers, but with a fancy twist.
- 8 unique color combinations. Carefully blended for your maximum eyes pleasure.
- Custom crafted non intrusive animations. So you can be both focused on your work and still have a nice welcome every time you open the home screen.
- Low battery using engine. So you don't have to worry about power drain anymore.
- Support for any +2.3 Android device (including ldpi based screens). Because everyone has the right for beauty.
Thanks for downloading and we hope you enjoy your new Live Wallpaper!

Requires Android-2.1 and up


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