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Have you ever been listening to a piece of music and just gotten lost in it? It feels like the world around you just melts away? It’s just y...

Have you ever been listening to a piece of music and just gotten lost in it? It feels like the world around you just melts away? It’s just you and the music. Maybe it's been a while? Maybe after years of an exciting and adventurous lifestyle your hearing just isn't what is used to be? We have the app for you.

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With the ClearSounds Audio Player powered by Aphex, you will hear the detail, richness and the passion of the performance in a way that no other technology or EQ can provide. We’ve chosen to partner with Aphex, incorporating their remarkable technology in our listening devices to bring our customers the most amazing and clear sound. This app will instantly make all the music on your device sound better!
Fully Customize Your Music
Purchase our audio app with ClearSounds SoundPrint custom settings - vibrant, rich, remarkable sound. Once you Hear It, You'll Always Want it.
You will be amazed at what details you will now hear!
Buy it today and start hearing your music and all your audio files the way it was meant to be heard.
With the infiltration over the past decade, of portable digital music players, we all face the issue of potential hearing loss. We are listening for longer and as our ears fatigue, the volume goes up.
Amazing sound while protecting your ears
How can we maintain all the positive consequences of connecting to our iPhones, iPods & iPads without the potentially damaging effects that occur when we jack up the volume? ClearSounds is proud to present our new Audio Player App for Apple products powered by Aphex.

Music changes us – physically and emotionally.

Music can induce emotions ranging from unabashed joy to deep sorrow. It can make a special night romantic, turn a gathering of friends into an epic party, bring back happy memories, help us through difficult times, and of course, soothe the savage beast. On a more scientific level, music plays a role in higher brain function, it lights up our brain’s emotional response, releasing various hormones, as well as triggers the release of endorphins.
The ClearSounds app instantly reads all the music resident on your device and processes it in real-time. It doesn't copy files so there's no concern about using up disc space. NOTE: This app does not work with web-streamed audio like Pandora, Spotify and YouTube.

App Screenshot :

ClearSounds Audio Player - screenshot thumbnail  ClearSounds Audio Player - screenshot thumbnail  ClearSounds Audio Player - screenshot thumbnail

ClearSounds Audio Player - screenshot thumbnail   ClearSounds Audio Player - screenshot  ClearSounds Audio Player - screenshot

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Required Android : 1.5 + up

NOTE-Make sure your system meets the following minimum requirements before installation:


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