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A movie theater in your pocket. Go Show is a virtual theater that lets you view 2D and 3D movies with your smart phone and a HMD (head m...

A movie theater in your pocket. Go Show is a virtual theater that lets you view 2D and 3D movies with your smart phone and a HMD (head mounted display) like the one at Durovis.com (also compatible with hmd vrase.com)
**WARNING** you do have to have to have some kind of head mounted display to view movies. I have an "open dive" ( see link below) and I also made my own for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 out of black foam core and lenses from the Oculus Rift. You can buy your own lenses from the link below.
**NOTE TO Galaxy Note 3 and S4 owners** THIS Should be fixed.. If you still have problems email me.
This is a temporary work around.
Blog! yeay! Ok if you have a feature request or a bug this is now the best place to see the latest.. MUCH better than a low rating on the Play store I would say.
For 3d to work you have to have movies in the .mp4 format as side by side.
-Some mp4 don't work on some phones so test a clip before rendering an entire movie to side by side.
You can buy a Dive HMD here Durovis.com now!
Its also compatible with HMDs like vrAse.com

The idea of mobile virtual reality or MVR is moving fast. So many people already have the expensive part of the virtual reality head set in there purse or pocket. The on-board accelerometer is perfect for mobile VR, virtual reality because it senses the orientation of the smartphone then translates that orientation to the virtual world, the camera in the 3 dimensional virtual reality then mimics the real world as the wearer turns his or her head. Smartphone virtual reality is going to become more and more realistic as the pixel displays get more dense and the 3d chips that reproduce the virtual reality get faster. We havn't even scratched the surface of what mobile virtual reality will be with the hardware that is already on the shelves. For instance the power that was in the Play station 2 video game console was weak compared to today's smartphones.
-Added support for 3gp,mkv,avi,wmv. (Warning there is variation in how these formats are encoded so you may want to test on your device before transferring large files)
-fixed furniture toggle.
1.05 Navigation with Samsung Galax s4 and Note 3 fixed

What's New
-turned up the "lock" so that drift will be minimized. (you can turn it off and on by tapping with two fingers on the screen.
-fixed bug that didn't let you close the menu.
-added fast-forward and rewind
-improved drift on some phones
-added spherical movie screen (- access by executing the sphere behind your chair WARNING this is still in alpha)
-fixed dim lights toggle.


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