LeanDroid (IAP Unlocked) v2.0.3 build 40

LeanDroid is a lightweight battery saver that automatically manages power-hungry wireless connections to significantly lengthen the batt...

LeanDroid is a lightweight battery saver that automatically manages power-hungry wireless connections to significantly lengthen the battery life of your devices.

It can disable WiFi, Cellular Data (2G, 3G, LTE), and Bluetooth after a certain time with the screen off to conserve battery power and lower data usage.

If you have a problem, please email teqtic@gmail.com for support before leaving a negative review! Dual SIM phones are not supported as that code is proprietary to the device manufacturers and varies by manufacturer.

Options explained:

*Disable except if active: WiFi/Data connections are only disabled if there is negligible data transfer. Bluetooth is only disabled if no devices are connected. For example, streaming internet radio will not stop. If a connection is found to be in use, it will check again at the specified interval. Note: Some online streaming services don't "stream" but instead download entire songs at once, and they might do this while the screen is still on. Please set this time to at least the length of your common song.

*Disable except web login: WiFi will not be disabled if it requires a browser login so that you do not have to re-enter the password.
*Disable except time: Connections will not be disabled between this time of day. Connections will automatically be turned on if this time is reached and the connections have already been disabled. Connections will continue to turn off after this period.

Re-enable (screen on or unlock): Re-enable any connections it had previously disabled (not all of the selected), either after the screen is turned back on, or the device is unlocked.

Re-enable every xx minutes: Automatically and briefly re-enable the connections previously disabled, while the screen is off, at the specified interval, to allow for sync and notifications to come in. You may set the duration the connections are re-enabled for.*

Re-enable every xx minutes except below xx%: Do not re-enable the connections for sync if the battery is below the chosen percent.

*Re-enable except: Connections will not be automatically re-enabled for sync during this time of day. Syncing will resume after this period.

Re-enable WiFi first: WiFi will be re-enabled and attempt to connect before enabling network data. Waiting for WiFi to connect will delay re-enabling of data a maximum of 8 seconds.

The time after screen-off and the sync interval time are configurable. Note: These times are not strictly followed. The app uses inexact alarms for battery efficiency!

Bluetooth functionality is only available on ICS and above.

Note: If you are on Android 4.4.1 - 4.4.2, a persistent/foreground notification will be shown. This is needed due to a bug in KitKat where services that are not foreground services cannot restart themselves once killed by the system.
If you would like to hide the notification, find LeanDroid in Settings -> Apps, and un-check "show notifications". LeanDroid will continue to work. Please do not swipe LeanDroid away from Recent Apps, as this will also cause this bug.

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*Premium features available after purchasing the unlocked version from within the app.

Translation Credits:
Italian+ - Vladi
Spanish+ - David Alonso
German - Nicolas Woelker
Portuguese - Magno Dias
French - Peacefull064
Czech - JanSe
Ukrainian - Andriy Hudzan
Dutch - Henk van Jijk
Polish - Tomasz Macherowski
Hungarian - Bence Urbán
Romanian - Flaviu Ciobanu

What's New
-Removed time restrictions (recommended suggested)
-Updated translations
-Fixed not scrollable on some devices
-Option to not disable WiFi if uses web login
-Option to toggle notification
-Option to not disable if charging (previously always true)
-Option to donate
-Recognizes wireless charging
-Removed data option for devices without radio
-24h time format
-Premium features more obvious
-Layout changes
-Added Ukrainian, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian translations


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