Monster Wheels Kings of Crash v1.1 [Unlimited Money]

SMASH your way to glory Are you ready for some ultimate destruction, pick the monster truck you love and race against different opponen...

SMASH your way to glory
Are you ready for some ultimate destruction, pick the monster truck you love and race against different opponents in five racing types. Smash, crash and dash your way to victory in the DEMOLISHER levels smash into as many cars as possible and get the highest reward. Make sure you don’t finish up last at the checkpoints in the survival race, these races are all about making the cut. Insane stunts are seen in the flipping madness levels In these stunt levels the challenge not only racing but to perform some sick stunts with your machine. Do you feel capable enough to get this done, but wait there is more to throw at you! Time attack can be too hard if you have made the wrong decision, engine power will determine these races. But the simple race can be hard enough on their own, because mighty adversaries will challenge you for the crow.
Still think you are ready then pick up your device select one of the insane monster trucks. Start the first race and see for yourself if you can beat this monster truck driving madness. Yeah thats right this game is not for the sunday drivers, no sir its full of adrenaline, pumping action. Mighty engine sounds, splattering oil and gasoline, petrol guzzling engines.
Which Monster truck will you like the most!
Want more? do you like to know what trucks we have for you? Then continue reading! First of is the bad boy, this monster truck is ideal to start with, you will learn the ropes of driving. Upgrade the truck to complete more and more races. The mighty “Berserker” well the name says it all in this monster truck you will go berserk. This machine is not made for driving country roads, no its made to SMASH! Don’t get into the way of the “Juggernaut”, the driver of the sits high so little cars are not even seen before crashing and smashing them. Take off with the “Super”don’t give the engine too much power otherwise you will stay in the sky to long and never see the ground again. Last but not least the king of dirt, the prince of car graveyard the “CHAMPION”
Monster Wheels kings of crash - Game Features
- Buy different gadgets to get earn double coins, awesome magnet power and give more effect to your nitro boost.
- Upgrade your monster trucks health for more indurrence
- You think your wheels are big the can become even bigger and bigger!
- Instal a bigger and more sicker nitro tank under your monster car smashing truck and fly through the air
- Big trucks means big engines fit a more powerful engine in your beast and become a real monster the true champion
- Different racing modes like Time Attack, Demolisher where you need to smash the as much cars as possible, survival race don’t be the last in line otherwise you get dropped out of the race
- Customizations are visible to your mighty car smasher machine
- With 36 levels Monster wheels is a great challenging game, race on the arctic, go offroad in a accent forest, smash your way through a industrial area, and get dust in your engine in the desert.
- Different machines for you to drive in, earn cash and buy the monster truck you like
Monster Wheels kings of crash is the most extreme monster truck game on Google play so far. Insane stunts, levels full of action. Wait no longer and start having fun today!


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