CM10/CM11 Transparent Theme v8.2

IMPORTANT:  read full description before purchasing or leaving a bad review. If there are problems, instead of leaving a bad review, sen...

IMPORTANT: read full description before purchasing or leaving a bad review. If there are problems, instead of leaving a bad review, send me a mail and I will do my best for fixing them. I can help you with a mail, not with comment. If you like the theme, rate it!
[This theme requires a ROM with Theme Engine (like Cyanogenmod and AOKP)]
NOTE: this theme is available in five different colored versions: Gold, Green, Orange, Purple and Red (you can find them in my apps list here:
NOTE: this theme supports styles and wallpaper.If you want also font,icons,ringtone,notifies tone,alarm tone and bootanimation, you can download my simple free addons app: (only new theme engine)
Like a glass!! This is Transparent CM theme for CM9, CM10, CM10.1, CM10.2 (Cyanogenmod), CM11, CM11S, AOKP, PA (Paranoid Android) and other custom roms. Many apps and widgets of your rom will become transparent! I started developing this theme because I like very much the holo interface and the transparency too. I suggest to try this theme also with live wallpapers.The apk size is very small because most of the work is done with xml files. This is actually my main project (you can see the changelog below). This is also the most complete transparent theme available on play store.
Some apps will have also transparent statusbar and navigation bar (only android 4.4). Holo blue parts of the rom are killed (now white)!
Many other screenshots can be found here:
-apps that depend from Theme.Holo of framework (like settings app, various menus,some stock browser's parts,dsp manager,torch and much other)
-apps that depend from Theme of framework (like sim toolkit, goomanager and much other)
-apps that depend from Theme.Black of framework
-navigation bar and statusbar in some apps for android 4.4 (list here: )
-action launcher pro quickdrawer (holo)
-apollo (cm10.1/cm10.2/cm11 version)+widget
-cyanogenmod rom downloader
-dsp manager
-stock calendar
-clock app
-CM filemanager (dark theme)
-contacts/people app
-dialer app (first theme of theme chooser with transparent dialer for cm11)
-email widget
-google ears widget (google sound search)
-google gesture search
-heads up notification
-lux (free and paid)
-kii keyboard
-pie controls
-quicksettings tiles
-quicksettings widget
-messagging app+widget
-movie studio
-news & weather app+widget
-notification background
-notification drawer 50% transparent (cm10.1/cm10.2/cm11)
-offline dictionaries free and pro (dark mode)
-omich player+widget
-panels, dialogs and popups (both dark and lights)
-some launchers settings (like nova and apex)
-swype (classic theme)
-tablet-ui (for roms that support it)
-tesla unread plugin
-theme chooser (both old and new of cm11)
-torch app+widget
-more clear apps and fixes!!
-Transparent theme actually is compatible with XHDPI,HDPI,MDPI,LDPI devices (should be compatible with all devices and tablets)
(As I own only a device, send me a mail if there are problems)
If you are interested in the changelog, you can see it here:
-Apply theme in theme chooser and reboot.
-If it says "Sorry this theme is missing assets for your device" apply anyway and reboot.
-if it says "This theme is incorrectly compiled" apply default theme,reboot,apply TransparentCM, reboot.
(If you are using the new theme engine of cm11, just apply the theme and reboot)
NB: The wallpapers that i use in the screenshots are not included in Transparent theme! Choose your favourite wallpaper and it will become the background of the apps listed above!
For questions, problems and requests, send me a e-mail.
If you like, add/follow me on Google Plus:
Nickname on XDA-Developers and other forums: SpadaBoss
Enjoy Transparent Theme!

What's New
-8.3: fixed white texts on white actionbar problems
fixed some dark images in messagging app (attachments dialog)
fixed blue ram bar in settings (now white)
removed playstore because of problems with transparency and 5.0.13 version
-If you like, add me on google plus:

Requires Android-4.0.3 and up


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