Leaf - PA CM11 Theme v2.1.2

IMPORTANT: • To install  Leaf  you need to be on a custom ROM including CM11 Theme Engine. • After applying the theme reboot your phon...

• To install Leaf you need to be on a custom ROM including CM11 Theme Engine.
• After applying the theme reboot your phone to make sure it gets fully applied.
If you are experiencing any issue please email me first before leaving a negative rating.
This theme looks best on xhdpi & xxhdpi devices. Devices below, such as hdpi, mdpi or ldpi are not supported but may work regardless. Please refer to this link to see what density your device has - http://goo.gl/ATRNF6
With a flat UI and pastel colors Leaf brings a pleasant adventure.
Not only system itself but also lot of system and the most popular apps were carefully themed, resulting in a solid experience.
• Holo Dark/Light/Bright Values
• Action Bars (Top/Bottom)
• System Background
• Expanded Status Bar
• QuickSettings
• Menu Windows/Lists/Dropdowns
• Notification template
• Recents apps
• Toasts
• List Views
• PIE (PA)
• Progress Bars
• Dialog/Alert Windows
• Keyboard Text Handlers
• Checkboxes
• Radio
• Scrubbers
• Switches
• Fastscroll Indicators
• Settings icons
• Status bar icons (Signal/WiFi/Audio)
• Quicksetting icons
• QuickSetting/Notification panel switchs
• Clear-all icon
• Hover Toggle (PA)
• Dialer
• Contacts/People
• Keyboards (AOSP/Google/Fleksy/Swype)
• DeskClock
• Calculator
• Calendar (AOSP/Google)
• Lightbulb/Torch
• Documents (incl. Downloads)
• Apollo
• CMFileManager
• Gmail
• Google+
• Hangouts
• Play Store and family (Music, Movies, Keep, Books, News)
• YouTube
• Google Chrome (Stable/Beta)
• Google Drive
• Whatsapp
• Paranoid OTA (PA)
And lot more ..
• Wallpapers may not fit well on your screen resolution and they can not be cropped via the theme engine.
You can download the full resolution wallpapers and crop it while applying, as always.
Desktop wallpaper: http://goo.gl/A1Zy8o
Lockscreen wallpaper: http://goo.gl/G9Y8Ig
• Roboto Condensed

What's New
Yet another -400 error fixed (unthemed Gallery)

Requires Android-Varies with device


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