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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ MapcamDroid -  software that alerts the driver of the radar, speed domes, ambushes GBDD and potentially dangerous places on t...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ MapcamDroid - software that alerts the driver of the radar, speed domes, ambushes GBDD and potentially dangerous places on the road.
MapcamDroid will remind of compliance with traffic rules and speed limits, and help avoid an accident or a fine.
MapcamDroid can work both independently and with any navigation software in the background.
Using the application has been tested in conjunction with programs Navitel, iGO, City Guide, Yandex, Yandeks.Navigator, Google maps, NAVIGON, Sygic GPS Navigation, and others.
The program uses a warning project
At this point, it is the most complete and current database of the countries of the CIS and beyond. Available database of more than 80 countries.

***** The program uses two types of databases warnings, the "Standard" and "Advanced."
In the "standard" database includes the following warnings:
 1. The static camera, measuring the speed of
 2. Camera, built-in lights
 3. Checking camera running a red light
 4. Steam bath chamber on the segment of the road
 5. Mobile camera (ambush)
The "advanced" than those listed above, include:
 6. Camera control strip shuttle transport
 7. Stationary traffic police post
 8. Crossing
 9. Unsafe pedestrian crossing or school zone
 10. Home of the Community
 11. Speed ​​limit sign
 12. Bumps
 13. Bad road
 14. Dangerous change of direction
 15. Dangerous intersection
 16. Another danger

If the program ***** requests authorization after every reboot of the device:
Chances are you've had a program on a memory card (SD).
Programs that use the system accounts can not be transferred to the memory card. Otherwise, when unmounting a card or reboot the phone account, the phone automatically deleted and will have to enter a username and password again.
This is a feature of Android.
***** No need to write in the comments that the program do not have any cameras or information about them showing up late
At least in the major cities in the base chamber fall substantially on the day of installation.
No application chamber may be caused by several factors.
1. The camera is not related to fixing traffic violations. These cameras are not entered into the database.
You do not want to be notified about all the security cameras, which are now hanging on each entrance.
2. Maybe it's a fake. Fake differ from these cameras lack of toppings, apparently they are completely identical.
Such objects are also removed from the database.
3. Perhaps this is the camera commit violations of the lane from.
Such cameras are in the program, but they work only with the "extended" version of the database. If you have a "standard" base, warnings about such cameras will not.
How to install an expanded database, read our discussion forum.

Check whether there is a camera in the program and read more information about it, please visit.
If the cameras are really not in the database then it can be added on the same page with a convenient visual interface.
Distance ***** warning said in the database for each individual object.
This helps to minimize the number of false positives and alert the driver exactly where it is really needed.
Change the warning distance of each object on the page you can
If you have enough experience to self-edit, just write in the comments to the subject that you need to increase the range.
The more experienced members would always be corrected.
Get more information about the program, and you can ask questions in our discussion forum:
The version for iOS can be found at the link:

What's New
Настройка порога срабатывания визуальных предупреждений.
Настройка фиксации положения экрана после запуска.
Прокладка и отображение на радаре маршрута к дому или к выбранному адресу|координатам (Тестовая опция)
Исправлен звук зуммера в альтернативных звуковых пакетах, а также другие найденные ошибки.
Исправлена ошибка возникающая при старте программы в Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7

Requires Android-2.1 and up


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