flippr - flip widgets anywhere v1.5 [Pro Unlocked]

This is the PRO key for flippr. This is only a key to remove the limitations of the free app and unlock additional features. Please en...

This is the PRO key for flippr. This is only a key to remove the limitations of the free app and unlock additional features. Please ensure that the free app is installed too.
Thank you for showing interest in the PRO version of flippr and supporting my Android app development.
PRO features:
• No restrictions on number of groups/widgets
• Ability to add shortcuts also to flippr
• Swipe actions - customize what happens when swiping widgets.
• Customize bubble color
• Customize animations
• Customize widgets background
• 'Hide on interaction' option is available per widget instead of a global setting
• Rating button and rating popup removed because you already love the app!
With flippr, your favorite widgets and shortcuts are always a touch away. Access your widgets while using any application or game without returning to the home screen! Check weather when playing your favorite game. Check your stock portfolio when watching a video. Quickly check which song is playing when editing a spreadsheet. Read your tweets when waiting for a level to load in a fullscreen game. Yes, it is all possible with flippr. No longer are your widgets restricted to your home screen - with flippr, you will have floating widgets accessible from anywhere. A new kind of multitasking.
Flippr is a small bubble that you can interact with which stays on top of all apps - you can access all your widgets with this small bubble. Touch bubble and move finger horizontally to switch widgets in smooth transitions. Organize your widgets into groups (Social, Media, Notes). Touch and move finger vertically to switch groups.
The best part? Your current app/game continues to run and you can interact with them even when the widget is displayed! This enables a new kind of multitasking.
Check out the video to see flippr in action!
• Organize widgets into groups for easy access or put all your widgets in one group - your choice.
• Works over any app or even full screen games.
• Blacklist apps - flippr will be hidden when using a blacklisted app
• Widget peek - quickly peek your widgets with a touch. Raise to hide. Simple.
• Make it completely invisible if desired.
• Add shortcuts too (only PRO)
• Super smooth customizable animations (Customization only in PRO)
• Customize bubble size, position, side, color (PRO only), transparency and more!
• Drag and drop bubble to change position
• Drag actions - drag and drop bubble over icons to perform actions such as stopping flippr and blacklisting current app
• Widget navigation indicators
• Customize widget size (row/column span). Launch configuration by long pressing widget.
• Customize background color (PRO)

NOTE: Manufacturer specific (Samsung/HTC etc) widgets may not work with flippr.
If you find any bugs or mistakes in the application, please send me an email with your feedback and I promise I will work on it promptly. Let’s squish those bugs together.

Requires Android-4.0.3 and up


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