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ProCamera  gives you a fully functional stills camera application optimized for Samsung devices with Qualcomm processors. Created with pi...

ProCamera gives you a fully functional stills camera application optimized for Samsung devices with Qualcomm processors. Created with picture quality and minimal processing in mind.
→ For phones with Android 6+ Marshmallow, please see note below.
Most phones do not yet support Google's Camera2 API, and thus can only save compressed JPEG files. In addition, most devices use artificial edge-sharpening and noise reduction algorithms which further reduce the quality the resulting pictures by adding halos around high-contrast areas and an oil painting appearance to highly detailed areas.
This app disabled all those enhancements. JPEG quality is set to 100, artificial sharpening/edge enhancements are disabled, picture resolution is set to maximum and noise reduction is also disabled (but can be enabled in the app) thus retaining more natural film grain.
• Selectable Histogram modes: Luma, RGB or both.
• Selectable ISO modes.
• Adjustable Exposure (not supported in all ISO modes, device dependant).
• Defeatable built-in sensor noise-reduction.
• Selectable Focus modes: Continuous AutoFocus or Touch to Focus.
• Orientation sensor updates Exif tag, can be locked.
• Shake detection.
• GPS data added to Exif tag.
No Twitter, Google+ or facebook integration.
No fisheye, cartoon or sepia filters.

* Due to the use of undocumented system calls, device compatibility CANNOT be guaranteed. The application may crash and/or some features me have no effect.
Please try "ProCamera Lite" for free before buying:
The app has been tested successfully on Samsung devices running ICS 4.0.2 and up. It may also work on a wider range of devices using CyanogenMod 9 and up.
* Pictures taken without noise reduction enabled may require retouching using an external app, especially with higher ISO settings. Processing on a PC can achieve far better results than the limited processing used in smartphones and tablets.
* Note: For devices using Marshmallow, a new permissions scheme has been added which this application does not yet fully support. As such, it will crash on launch.
You must go into Settings -> Applications -> ProCamera -> Permissions and manually enable the permissions the app requires.
Soon to be fixed.
   ProCamera- screenshot      ProCamera- screenshot
   ProCamera- screenshot      ProCamera- screenshot


*BUGFIX: App could crash on some phones with unsupported features.
+App now saves some key settings on close (eg: Histogram, Exposure, Screen Brightness Override).
*Reduced app size by nearly 50%, app is now under 1MB.
*Partial fix for some of the permissions issues on Marshmallow.
*Fix for "force close" when resuming the app after switching contexts.

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Requires Android-4.0.3 and up

Download : 1.5M APK


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