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Fira is designed to stand out from the crowd. IMPORTANT This is not a standalone app! You will need a compatible launcher in order to ...

Fira is designed to stand out from the crowd.
This is not a standalone app! You will need a compatible launcher in order to apply this icon pack.If your launcher is not mentioned below, do not purchase unless you're willing to install one of the required launchers! So please don't rate poorly!
Please send any bug reports or icon requests to me and I will process them as soon as possible in the order they are received. Keep in mind I will receive a lot of icon requests, so I'd appreciate your patience. Also, because of piracy, I will request that you include an attachment of your proof of purchase from Google Play. Those that send icon requests without proof of purchase will NOT be processed!
If you'd like your icon request to be moved to the top of the list, a donation will be required.For more information go to
*Over 670 high resolution, hand crafted, crisp icons
*39 high resolution wallpapers, just to start with
*Weekly to Bi-weekly updates of at least 40 icons
*Links to popular weather icon designers who have contributed to Fira!
*Zooper and Kustom will be added in the future.
*XXXHDPI Icons 512 x 512 (highest quality available)
*Supports 23 launchers!
*Full vector graphic processing icons
*Browse or Search all icons
*Ingenious Icon Request
*Fresh and clever
*Smart Icon Request Tool
*Cloud-based wallpapers
*Dynamic Calendar Support
*Beautiful Material Dashboard
*Help/FAQ Section
Supports Muzei
Smart Launcher requires you to apply via within the Fira app! NOT within preferences!!
BEFORE rating poorly for any reasons, contact me immediately and I promise we will investigate any matter as thoroughly and quickly as possible.
Although the launchers below are supported, I personally recommend Nova Launcher as it works best.
Icons will get done on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to have yours designed immediately and added to the next update, a donation via Paypal is required. For more information please check below:

DON'T FORGET TO RATE!! Thank you all so much for your patience, support, and purchase!!
+Jahir Fiquitivia

For constantly helping me every step of the way. Please consider donating to him for his hard work on the dashboard. His paypal is He's a very hard-working man and gives a free service so please help out if you are able..

+Justin Bailey
+Jahir Fiquitivia
+Simon Martinov
+Zaibun Alexander who created TWO versions of Fira weather icon sets. You can download them both below.
+BIll Vasvary
+Elizabeth C
+David Pfaff
+Loraine Phuket
+Raghu Jayavardhana
+Edward D'Amico
+Tina Ellis
+Craig Ippolito
+Mohan Dagha
+Wisnu Sujaka- for his beautiful icon sets to match the FIra theme. Grab them free below:
+Amanda Messer
Please forgive me if I didn't theme an app you requested before the release. Just send the request and I will process it as soon as possible!
   Fira- screenshot      Fira- screenshot      Fira- screenshot      Fira- screenshot      Fira- screenshot
Requires Android-4.1 and up

Download : 32M APK


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